WZ-D series

WZ-D Series


The WZ-D Series, seeders for medium-small tractors (about 50 HP). It consists of 1 up to a maximum of 5 sowing units that can be mounted at a minimum distance of 25 cm. Suitable either for sowing on open field and on raised bed.
Seminatrice pneumatica di precisione per trattore Serie WZ-D



Three point linkage – CAT.1 and CAT.2


Vacuum fa




Parking stand


Clod remover


Soil leveler wheel


Sowing vacuum metering unit


3 liters seed hooper


Shoe opener and seed tube


Screw Sowing depth adjustment


Gearbox for seeding distance adjustment


Heavy closing wheel and metering unit traction


Seminatrice pneumatica di precisione per trattore Serie WZ-D20


Seminatrice pneumatica di precisione per trattore Serie WZ-D30-en


Seminatrice pneumatica di precisione per trattore Serie WZ-D40-en



Closing wheel and metering unit traction


Vacuum precision sowing unit

Dati tecnici

N° row Row distance [cm] Chassis [cm] Width [cm] Lenght [cm] Height [cm] Weight [kg] Power [hp]
WZ-D10 1 120 120 140 80 79 15
WZ-D20 2 45/75/90 120 120 140 80 100 15
WZ-D30 3 45 120 120 140 80 127 25
WZ-D31 3 75 175 175 140 80 129 25
WZ-D40 4 45 160 160 140 80 162 25
WZ-D41 4 75 250 250 140 80 169 30
WZ-D50 5 30 160 160 140 80 191 30
WZ-D51 5 50 250 250 140 80 198 30


WZ-D series has features that make it versatile:


Single transmission on each sowing unit

Distance between rows easy to change

Easy to change crops

The versatility of this planter is represented in some configuration illustrated below.

Configurazione campo aperto
Traditonal field
Configurazione 1 elemento per 4 piccoli letti separati
1 sowing unit each raised bed
Configurazione 2 letti su 2 letti separati
More sowing units each raised bed
Configurazione 2 elementi su 2 letti separati con semina culture diverse
More sowing units each raised bed and different crops


R2 and R3 solutions

R2 and R3 solutions

R2 and R3 solutions let us reduce the distance between sowing unit, currently min. 25 cm, and at the same time to let us multiply sowing lines.
By applying them we will reduce the minimum distance, currently 25 cm, and at the same time multiply the sowing rows.

Double disc opener

Double disc opener

The double disc opener is recommended for sowing on soils with small residues and also avoids clogging compared to the traditional shoe opener.
The two discs penetrate the ground and by rotating they make the residues flow.
Despite its proximity to the ground, each disc is equipped with a shielded bearing which prevents potential clogging of dust.
The double disc is backward compatible with all our models and is easy to apply.

Seed coverer

Seed coverer

It improves the closure of the sowing furrow allowing a better germination especially with small seeds.



Keeps the rear wheel clean especially on the wettest terrains.
By keeping the rear wheel clean it allows a better fluidity of work.

Vacuum gauge

Vacuum gauge

Allows the control of the vacuum inside the metering units and in turn to regulate it, recommended for those who vary the sowing crops.

Seed clean out

Seed clean out

Normal size seeds slide and small seeds clean out vacuum system are 2 parts of seed clean out kit.
They help to clean our seed hoppers from residue seeds after working or any time users needs to change crops.
Normal size seeds slide helps to upload crops with traditional size seeds and big size seed (maize, sunflower, chickpea, soya, etc.).
About small seeds, there is a clean out vacuum system that let the users to catch up seeds on a small tank.
It works connected at the vacuum fan mounted on all our range of vacuum precision planters.

15 L seed hopper

15 L seed hopper

General advantage is tha 15 L seed hopper allows the users to work more time without  stop to reload the seed hoppers.
It’s very suitable for users that sow normal size seeds (maize, soya, sunflower etc.) or big size seeds (chickpea, beans, etc.) cause also for small quantity the total volume of standard hopper could be not enough.

Row Marker

Row Marker

The two models, manual and rope, mark the line of passage for the next step avoiding a waste of field in work.

Flat closing wheel

Flat closing wheel

The flat closing wheel provides a more compact soil after planting and allows a better germination and plant growth in the early weeks.

Seed discs

Seed discs

A wide range of seeding discs allows the planting of a large quantity of crops from the smallest to the largest, from the lightest to the heaviest, the most homogeneous to the most heterogeneous.