Vacuum metering unit

The W5 vacuum metering unit has been developed with flexibility as a fundamental principle and perfectly matches the philosophy of the WIZARD range of seed drills.
Designed to satisfy the use of a wide range of seeds with the quality that distinguishes the pneumatic sowing technology.
Distributore di semina pneumatico W5


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Dischi di semina W5

The stainless steel discs, thanks to their reduced thickness, remain in constant adherence to minimizing the waste of air and ensuring a constant load of the seed. The dimensions of the holes in which the air passes have various dimensions based on the size, shape and weight of the seed. The number of holes on the disc is chosen according to the user’s needs and with the many possibilities it covers from the shortest distances, for the sowing of vegetables, up to long distances for the sowing of which requires a lot of surface.

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Selettore del seme W5

The seed singulator allows you to improve sowing as it eliminates double seeds and reduces to one seed per hole. Often using irregularly shaped seeds, the correct use of the singulator is as important as its adjustment. The seed singulator is constantly in contact with the sowing disc during the working phase and thanks to its adjustable toothed shape it avoids the passage of more than one seed per hole without damaging them, promoting germination.

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Espulsori guide seme W5

The ejectors, in contact with the sowing disc, ensure the expulsion of the seed continuously and constantly. They also act as a guide to the seeds until they reach the seed tube.
The ejectors are 2 models, for small seeds and for larger seeds. In cases of large seeds and low feed speeds, the ejector can also be removed and the metering unit used without it.

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Guarnizione W5

The rigid plastic gasket allows the opening and closing of the depression exactly where it is needed. The gasket allows the loading of the seeds near the dispenser loading chamber while the vacuum cut-off where the seed detachment takes place, thus obtaining high sowing precision.
The seal and its position are designed to work optimally both with single sowing line and also with 2 and 3 sowing lines.

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Semplicita di utilizzo W5

The use and set up of our sowing metering unit are simple and quick, starting from the opening of the cover which does not require any tools.
The vacuum metering unit is designed to be easily adjustable even during use in the field.