R2 – R3


Multiline solutions

Our R2 and R3 multiline solutions are designed to be perfectly adaptable to the metering unit and to the seeders in our range.
Multiline solutions R2 and R3 are designed to optimize the sowing of vegetable seeds and allow to sow 2 and 3 sowing lines respectively 9 and 4.5 cm apart for each unit.
Soluzioni multilinea r2-r3

2 in 1

Soluzioni multilinea r2-r3 interscambiabili


The R2 and R3 solutions are also easily interchangeable with the standard single row seeding system. The user, therefore, has the possibility of having 2 seeders in 1 for all purposes.
This is possible by transforming, in a simple and quick way without the use of tools, its single-line seeder into a double or triple-line seeder.
This feature allows you to sow a wide variety of crops with a single WIZARD seeder, without compromise, quickly switching from sowing crops such as corn, sunflower, beans etc. single line for sowing carrots, onions and all vegetables that require a double or triple line.


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Selettore del seme R2-R3

A single selector for the solution R2 with 2 sowing lines and another one for the solution R3 with 3 sowing lines. Simple to apply both without tools. This singulators replaces the single row seed selector. They adhere perfectly to the disc and avoids the passage of more than one seed per hole without damaging them. Both singulators have toothed sectors which, with their parallel position, work uniformly on the respective rows of seeds.

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Falcioni e tubi R2-R3

The R2 shoe opener allows the sowing of 2 lines at a distance of 9 cm while the R3 shoe opener is used to sow 3 lines at 4.5 cm. The R3 shoe opener is also equipped with an anti-clogging limiter between the jaws due to the reduced unloading space between the jaws. Specific seeding tubes for minute seeds are inserted in both the R2 and R3 shoe opener.

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Coperchio distributore R2-R3

The multiline cover is a essential part for multiline sowing. It is equipped with an ejector which is divided into 3 sections which guarantee the fall of the minute seeds and guide them up to the sections of the seed tube. In addition to this, 2 opening windows allow you to check the seeds along the entire path inside the distributor and a brush to keep the sowing disc constantly clean. The gaskets present in the cover of the multiline distributor have a position that allows the complete passage of the 3 sowing lines.

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Dischi di semina R2-R3

They are equipped with 2 and 3 sowing lines respectively, and both type are compatible with the metering unit cover and the multi-line seed singulator. They have holes in size and shape suitable for small seeds and their transport. Even in multi-row discs, the number of holes determines the seeding distance on the line and thanks to the wide choice we are able to satisfy most of the user’s needs.