A range developed to bring:

The greatest number of solutions in a single seeder

The same technology as a seeder for large extensions in a seeder for small extensions

Our products are suitable for users and markets with multiple needs:

Small plots

Developing countries

Semi-professional hobbies

Farmers km 0


Seed producers and many others

Accuracy and Adaptability

The pneumatic sowing system with which all our seed drills are supplied guarantees a high quality sowing.
The R2-R3 sowing system interchangeable with the standard system allows you to quickly transform the sowing machine for corn, pumpkin, bean, etc. with sowing machine for vegetables such as carrot, onion, spinach, etc.

Modularity and Manageability

The structure, sizes and weight allow an easy use and movement as well as total management of the sowing units.
These peculiarities make our planters also suitable for sowing in greenhouses with reduced spaces.

Solutions and Customization

We have introduced the possibility of totally building and customizing the seeder according to the customer’s needs.
The wide choice of accessories allows you to adapt the seed drills to the different needs of the user and the type of crop.

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Discover our Products

Semoventi Wizard


The WZ-A and WZ-E series are both self-propelled, the WZ-A series is equipped with an internal combustion engine for the advancement and management of the vacuum fan while the WZ-E series is managed entirely electrically powered by batteries.

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Motocoltivatori Wizard

Two wheel tractor users

The WZ-B series is made up of models which include a two wheel tractor and a seeder.
The WZ-C series is compatible with various models of walking tractors such as BCS, Ferrari, Pasquali, Bertolini and Nibbi.
The WZ-C series also includes the WZ-C COMPACT models which are even more manageable given the reduced length.

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Trattori Wizard

Tractor users

The WZ-D series is a “universal” seeder for its adaptability to crops and the type of users.
The WZ-F series is focused on sowing vegetables on a raised bed.

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A variety of crops can be sown with Wizard seed drills:
Colture di semina per seminatrici pneumatiche Esempi 1
Colture di semina per seminatrici pneumatiche Esempi 2

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